Fairview offers a full range of employer services to help businesses effectively monitor the quality of their benefits program. Our services include:

  • Strategic Planning, providing you the opportunity to determine benefit appropriateness, cost effectiveness and marketplace competitiveness. We help you conduct annual evaluations of your employee benefits program, including programmatic and financial analysis. If you need to change or upgrade your existing plans, we help you develop bidding specifications and RFPs to send to prospective providers, then assist in evaluating the responses you receive.

Additionally, many of our clients work with labor unions. We offer expertise working within union constraints to provide you with relevant benefits information for union contract negotiations.

  • Vendor Oversight, providing a watchful eye over your benefit vendors’ contractual compliance. We work with your carriers to establish a regular reporting schedule so we are able to analyze data for financial forecasting and to establish other trends and norms.
  • Document Review and Quality Assurance, ensuring your plan documents and contracts are reviewed for compliance with applicable laws and the terms of any collective bargaining agreements within your organization.
  • Renewal Evaluation, through a proactive process that builds a cost profile based on account-specific claim results and market trends. We carefully monitor and conduct ongoing analysis of monthly and year-to-date claim activity, generally approaching renewal with clear anticipation of appropriate carrier rates. We meet with you prior to the actual renewal date to review your goals and develop a strategy for carrier negotiations that may include plan redesign, modified employee contribution schedules, alternative funding considerations and specifications for a bidding process to market the program to competing carriers.
  • Enrollment and Education Meetings, including direct support from carrier representatives to discuss plan designs and answer questions from employees. We will coordinate the mailing of pertinent materials such as I.D. cards, individual carrier benefit booklets and network directories. Fairview can also provide consultative support at employee education meetings and other events such as health fairs and orientations for new employees.
  • Communications, assisting you to prepare materials for open enrollment periods, new benefit offerings, benefit modifications, benefit values, legal notices (including legislative updates), health fairs or other special events, and other times when employee benefit communications are critical.
  • Additional Services, including helping to negotiate best rates, filing claim settlements and billing services. Fairview also provides an online benefits administration system, drastically reducing the amount of time your human resources personnel must devote to the administration of your plan. Through a third-party administrator, Fairview helps with COBRA and HIPAA administration and stays on top of legislative and carrier changes to provide our clients with regular updates on legislative changes, carrier changes, new state programs and more.
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