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Triple Play: Promoting a positive company culture

Triple Play: Promoting a positive company culture

August 21, 2016 at 3:00 AM
Triple Play is a weekly NJBIZ feature that asks top executives in New Jersey to talk about three things related to their industry.
Michael Graham is the chief operating officer for Fairview Insurance Agency Associates in Verona.
We asked Michael for three ways employers can ensure their business is promoting a positive company culture for employees

Employee empowerment: Continuously engaging with employees in a one-on-one setting and in group meetings creates a better way of understanding and getting to know your employees. Actively seek feedback and allow employees to have input and openly share ideas within the organization.

Establish expectations: Establishing clear expectations of employees (i.e., how you expect employees to treat co-workers, work product quality and work output) from the beginning creates a mutual understanding between employee and employer. If employees understand what is expected of them, they tend to better understand where the company can and will be flexible in terms of work/life balance.

Help employees maintain their work/life balance: Allowing flexible schedules, providing ample vacation days and maintaining a spirit of comradery in the office lets our employees know that we care about their satisfaction as much as their productivity. And a happy, motivated employee is a productive employee!